IAPDA MEMBER – International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators

The IAPDA is North America’s leading debt negotiation and credit counseling training and certification programs. In business since 2000, IAPDA has become the training gold standard for consumer debt relief professionals. To be a member, you are trained and certified by the IAPDA signifying that you are a Certified Debt Specialist and Certified Credit Counseling Specialist, ready to help consumers who need it.

IAPDA members with either Certified Debt Specialist (CDS) or Certified Credit Card Specialists (CCCS) designation (or dual certifications) have the professional knowledge and skills to advise clients and potential clients regarding all debt relief options available including: Debt Negotiation, Credit Counseling, Debt Management Plans and Bankruptcy.

A commitment to a CODE OF ETHICS has helped to build the IAPDA to be a respected voice for the Consumer Debt Relief Industry in North America, and that voice is important to the Debt Relief profession. IAPDA provide a resource focused on ensuring fairness, equity, and professionalism in the conduct of our members, and are a point of contact for legislators and community/consumer interest groups and industry.

IAPDA Certified Debt Specialists and Certified Credit Counseling Specialists are respected professionals in the Debt Relief Industry. Clients, creditors, collectors and collection attorneys all recognize the commitment of our members to training, certification and membership in the IAPDA.

Consumers can easily verify IAPDA membership and certification status with an online search by name, company and city.