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We totally understand and sympathize with people struggling to pay off their debts due to financial hardship of various forms. Here at Vantage Acceptance, we work to bring relief to your debt worries. Vantage Acceptance already has ongoing relationships with creditors and has been successfully negotiating on behalf of thousands of clients every day. Although each situation is unique, it is not uncommon to negotiate reductions of up to 40% – 65%* of an outstanding balance and help a customer to a debt free life in just a few short years. Vantage Acceptance charges a fee only after we have achieved a satisfactory settlement for you.

Although debt negotiation may affect your credit, it can be a better option than bankruptcy and can improve your credit rating over time much faster as you begin to settle your debts. Help is just a phone call away! Let our debt specialist show you how to break the bondage of credit card debt!

Results are individual settlements for consumers who enrolled and completed program. Results are not shown for consumers who did not complete program in full. Many consumers receive differing settlements and some receive none because they terminate or drop-out of program. The information on this page is for illustration purposes only based on enrolled debt amounts ranging from $4,000 – $45,000, for enrollments between 1-3 years ago, and for our top 15 largest creditors. Please do not rely on information as an promise or guarantee of results. Information presented is solely to illustrate that company does indeed get results if consumer meets all qualification factors. See agreement for complete terms.

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